Saturday, 1 October 2016

Black on Black on Black Take 2

                         Mango blazer (similar here)| H&M vest| Zara jeans| ASOS pumps 
Hello! Very quick outfit post time. My cropped jeans have been a favourite pair all summer, and making their way into my winter wardrobe fast. This all black ensemble includes my trusted Mango blazer, plain black vest and pumps I got from ASOS years ago. This is the classic day-to-night look  smartened up by the blazer (which was buttoned up for daytime meetings) and high heels.  

Saturday, 10 September 2016

It's all about the Birthday wish list

So my birthday is coming up yet again and I really had to think about what I wanted this year. I seem to have a lot of essentials covered and everything else I want is super expensive and unnecessary (Enter Balmain double breasted blazer ... ) I live in a tiny flat already over flowing with clothes and make-up so my wish list this year includes things I would use/wear all the time. 

1. Amber Perfume: My new favourite perfume. I discovered it in my friend's bathroom and need it in my life. This addictive musky (but subtle) scent is luxury and feminine, and smells incredible

2. Sports Luxe ensemble: My fitness regime is as sporadic as my diet (and waistline). So I figured that if I invested in some decent fashionable sportswear, it might be an incentive to get me to the gym more (this is purely theoretical yet to be proven) These Sweaty Betty leggings are apparently the 'bum sculpting' superheros (and at £90 a pair, they bloody well should be!) while the Ivy Park Sports Bra is breathable, supportive and stylish

3. Mum Jeans: It's true. I already have 100 pair of jeans but these are the final missing cut to add to the collection ( and then that's it! er-hem). Most of my jeans are fitted, stretchy denim so I want a pair of high waisted original straight leg ones. These TopShop mum jeans look a good candidate but I'd need to try them on first to see

4. NYX Matte lipstick. I am obsessed with NYX cosmetics... OBSESSED! I've spent far too much money on the matte lip collection because the colours work for my skin tone, really good quality and value for money! The lingerie collection is my favourite so having all of them would be a lovely birthday bonus 

5. I need to start reading again. Desperately! The combination of a busy life and my addiction to my phone are the culprits but my brain is feeling starved to read a good book. A good friend of mine has recommended Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. It's all about women in the work place feeling empowered and confident enough to lead in male dominated environments 

6. I've started to suffer from back problems. Really bad painful back problems. It might be the whole working from home thing as I probably don't sit properly and spend way too much time in front of my laptop. I carry too many things in my handbags which doesn't help so I'm thinking maybe a decent size backpack might do the trick. This New Look one I spotted has a ice texture with different compartments. Worth a try 

And that's my wish list for this year. In all honesty, my ideal present would be to stop getting older! 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

It's all about the Tobago Wedding: Ohana Villa

When one of your best friends invites you to her wedding, you're honoured to be one of her guests. When it's taking place in the Caribbean, you can't pack quick enough. When you realise you're staying at one of the most beautiful villas on the island, you're delirious! I was lucky enough to be invited to my friends intimate wedding in Tobago a few weeks ago. Tobago is one of the smaller but beautiful Caribbean islands and is part of Trinidad, where my friend is from. We stayed at the gorgeous Ohana Villa  where the wedding took place. 

This Villa.. well it was just wow! It sits high up on the end of Sandy Cove, giving you access to 180 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean. Every single view from the villa is breathtaking. Not only do you get the privacy and the views, you also enjoy two infinity pools separated by a seafront gazebo, a tropical back garden and a semi private beach (only shared with a boutique hotel next door). Four bedrooms wrap around the main sun deck ( which also has a jacuzzi) with two of them owning a private balcony you can sit and relax on.
Of course it was a fantastic wedding venue (my friend and her husband have impeccable taste) but I also enjoyed the cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere the rest of the time I was there. The pure ocean breeze had to be one of the perks of the location, which I could happily fall asleep to anytime. 

The villa is staffed with two housekeepers and a manager who are helpful and friendly, and go that extra mile to make sure you're comfortable. The main housekeeper is also an excellent cook which did not really help with the 'need to look good in swimwear and for the wedding' diet. 
The view from my bedroom just made me smile every single morning, and I could happily sit and stare out of my bed for hours while reading. The peace and tranquillity is one of the things I treasured most about staying there.  

The wedding itself was beautiful; I laughed, I cried, I jumped in the pool and had way too much rum. My friends are a fairly private couple so didn't feel it would be right to share photos but believe me when I say she looked stunning and he looked dapper. This wedding, was hand on heart one of the best I've ever been to and one I will never forget. Thanks for all the staff at Ohana for looking after us. :-) 

What I wore: You'll never guess (I'm not even joking...) ZARA

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Autumn Winter Must- Have: The cropped black jeans

Zara shirt (old one, similar here) | Zara jeans| M&S flats (old pair, similar here
Shopping for jeans can be a nightmare, especially when you're looking for a certain cut. If you're someone who has to deal with having hips and thighs that don't match your waist, you have the same problem as me. I've been after a pair of black cropped jeans because they are really versatile. I can swap a pair of pumps with a pair of converse and create a completely different look. They also come in handy when I want to smarten up but still wear denim, and the crop length make them ideal for transitioning from summer to winter. Where did I find this pair? Well Zara of course! I just need to get a job in Zara and get paid in clothes at this rate!

Monday, 25 July 2016

It's all about the Hydrafacial

Being a skincare junkie, I'm always on the look out for a new effective facial. Though there are hundreds of different ones out there, not all facials work for ethnic skin. I also suffer from dryness, sensitivity, black heads and the occasional spots. The main reason I get facials is to reboot my skin. I tend to go very dull and grey (especially in the winter) so need a resurfacing treatment every 3-4 months (to get back my glow).I used to have the microdermabrasion but found it left me red and irritated for a few days before I could see the difference. I often had to get the timing right before a holiday or special event so I didn't show up red faced.
A few days after Hydrafacial 
I have been hearing about the Hydrafacial for years but associated it as a high end 'celebrity' treatment, as it was deemed quite expensive. When I came across limited offer at Harley Street clinic Juvea Aesthetics , I decided to give it a try.The most impressive thing about this facial is that it does many things in one treatment. It cleanses, extracts, exfoliates and hydrates your skin in under an hour pain free. It removes dead skin cells and opens up pores by depositing glycolic and salicylic acid to the skin's surface. During the extraction phase, I could really feel the dirt and impurities being removed, which got rid of the dullness, blackheads and uneven skin tone instantly!If you're someone that has sensitive skin, it's worth giving the Hydrafacial a try as I felt no irritability afterwards.

The only thing now is ... I'm addicted. I was advised that a course of 3 or 6 gave the best results and, that it was to be used as an on-going facial. When I saw the amount of dirt that came from my skin, I could see why. Living in London again has increased the amount of soot and dirt hitting my face on a daily basis so definitely a facial I'll be needing to invest in. I will definitely be having a Hydrafacial again and highly recommend it.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

OOTD: Summer Days

My summer wardrobe is hands down more exciting than my winter one. Though we’re not exactly in 30 degree heat,  warmer temperatures makes choosing what to wear more versitale. I don’t own or wear a lot of shorts but these denim staples have served me well ( see other outfit posts of me wearing them here and here) !They are the perfect length and fit as I can’t do hot pants (those days are gone) and longer shorts cut off my legs.This look is all about embracing summer but accepting it’s not ‘heat wave’ weather. I wore my shorts with this cute Zara cami, trusted leather jacket and favourite biker style boots. Sandals and open toes only come out when I know it’s going to be hot (or I’m on holiday), as I much prefer boots, pumps and loafers for summer. I have a lot of fun with hats as they can make a simple outfit pop as well as disguise a bad hair day.

Over 10 years old and my Balenciaga is still going strong. It’s definitely my go-to bag when I’m going down a casual, rock chick route. I’m also obsessed with my investment Porsche Design sunglasses which I invested in earlier this year, as I wanted a pair bigger than my Ray-Bans.They seem to go with everything so I wear them with everything!  If only I can be promised the next couple of months to experiment and enjoy my summer wardrobe. Fingers crossed! What’s your favourite summer look?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

It's all about giving up the moisturiser!

Skincare routines are an art form. You have to learn what works for you, adapt to your skin as it changes (and ages) and pick out products that react well to it. I've been working out the right formula for years and thought I'd cracked it till I heard about Dr Obagi and ZO. Cleansing I've got down, maintenance, face masks and exfoliating I've cracked, but I'd never seem to get the right balance when it comes to moisturising. For a very long time, I thought I had dry skin. As soon as I showered or washed my face, my skin would feel tight and dry but then when I moisturised, I'd be left with oily greasy patches on my forehead, nose and chin half way through the day. Annoyingly my skin is a combination of dry and oily so I get the worst of both worlds.
Even though he's been in the business for over 40 years, I've only recently come across Dr Obagi and his ZO skincare range. His take on moisturising is that we don't need it. The first time I heard this theory I was sceptical. Then I started researching and reading more. The main philosophy on the no moisturiser rule is that: 

1) It only moisturises skin on the surface 
2) It stops skin from naturally moisturising 
3) Our skin becomes addicted to artificial moisture which is never good 
Dr Obagi says: 

“Skin becomes addicted to moisturiser rather than doing the work itself. Repeated application of moisturiser can lead to “dependency on external sources for moisture. The dependency leads to skin dryness, irritability and reduced vitality which can be calmed down by applying more moisturisers. Using too much moisturiser can also clog the pores and prevent skin from exfoliating. Moisturisers should only be used occasionally when needed.”

Well after hearing that I had to give it a try! I vowed to go cold turkey and quit moisturizer completely and the first few days were harrrrrrrrrd! I cleansed, I exfoliated, let my face air dry and either applied make up or went to bed.  By day 7 my skin adapted. In fact, I’d wake up in the morning and it would be slightly oily which explained why I had combination skin! The natural moisture was coming to surface and doing its work.I can honestly say I have been turned. My skin is in such better condition. It’s clearer, cleaner and less clogged up and I’m learning how to control my naturally oily skin.
The only thing I use now is the ZO Skin Health  OSSENTIAL DAILY POWER DEFENSE and Heliocare SPF 50The ZO power defense product is a light based serum that delivers daily DNA repair and antioxidant protection. It boosts collagen production, restores skin function and elasticity and improves the tone and texture of the skin. I’ve only been using both products for a couple of weeks and my skin feels smoother and plumper. Highly recommend my new routine and hero product. Using no moisturiser might not be for everyone but I'd honestly give it a try. Even if it's to normalise your skin and see it in its natural state.