Friday, 30 October 2015


H&M sure know how to pick some of the world’s best fashion houses, but the latest Balmain  collaboration has to be my favourite yet. In fact, I'm so in love with this collection that I might have to queue up overnight or crash my laptop to hunt down everything in every colour! If you know me, you know that I'm a blazer, gold buttons, studs and leather girl, so no surprise I'm all over this! The fact that I can now get my hands on a Balmain blazer without going bankrupt is astonishing and the entire collection is sorry to say magnificent! You're basically covered for winter especially for Christmas party season as it's serving you all things velvet, sequin and satin. Here are five reasons why I love this collab:
Leather Jacket £199.99

1) It's affordable

Affordable being the operative word. Prices range from £18 (jewellery) to £400 but that's you getting Oliver Rousteing tailoring at a bargain price! 

2) Oh the tailoring..

What’s not to love about the womanly silhouettes and strong shouldered tailoring? Every piece I've seen screams effortless Parisian style, and I'm so glad that the signature Balmain detail for rich fabrics and flattering embellishments is a key theme in this collection.

Satin Skirt, £59.99

3)The Embellishments

Embellished dress, £299.99

Balmain is known for top quality wearable embellishments and the H&M collection is no different.  The long-line beaded jacket, white embellished dress and diamond-encrusted black top clearly shows the signature craftsmanship with attention to detail at a great price. And that green v-plunge sequin dress is bound to get you noticed at your work Christmas party
Green embellished dress, £119.99

Velvet embellished jacket, £299.99

4) Velvet at its best 

Velvet top, £59.99
I'm not usually a fan of velvet but the rich autumnal greens, reds and blues in the collection could change my mind. From the fitted high waisted trousers, clutch bags and gorgeous embroidery polo top, I think it’s time to finally have velvet in my life

5) Blazer heaven

All I'm going to say here is blazers.. structured blazers. Double-breasted wool-twill Balmain blazers at £80? Nobody, I say nobody get in my way 
Balmain for H&M blazer
White Structured blazer, £79.99

Long Button Coat, £139.99

Friday, 28 August 2015

What to wear in Ibiza - Day time chic

After not doing Ibiza for four years, I realised that I'm much more of a daytime girl now than I was over a decade ago. My first few Ibiza days were spent in bed nursing a hangover after a 8am finish unless I had the strength to drag myself to the beach to get some shut eye.
Nowadays it’s all about daytime so when I pack for Ibiza, my day wardrobe has certainly had a facelift over the years. My must-have daytime wear has to be the beach cover-up. I generally have one for each day as they have become more of a full on outfit for me. Ibiza is known for day-to-night parties and I normally can’t be bothered to change for them so these beauties really hooked me up.

EBay is becoming my go-to place for quick, easy and inexpensive fashion pieces that are a bit different to what’s already on the high street. I'm also finding that a lot of fashion retailers mark up their prices to double of what some pieces are worth by branding them. I'm all for investing in clothes that will last but when it comes to fast fashion, do your homework and shop around because the fabric, quality and tailoring doesn't suddenly improve when something goes from £12 to £25. It’s more about what label you're buying into.  Here are all my daytime pieces over my four day stay: 
1) Mini printed Playsuit (EBay): I have about eight play suits already but can't seem to help myself! They are my default all in one piece as they’re flattering for my shape and easy to throw on.  I love the crochet stitching detail on the neck line and shorts, as well the pink and white Aztec print. 
  2) Boho sundress (EBay): I Love this undress! The sleeves and length keep it classy while the thigh high slits give my legs a little helping hand to look .. well longer. I also love the floral print on the blue chiffon fabric and  matching belt to synch in my waist. At £8, it was definitely worth it though it looks way more than that
3)  Anastasia beach dress: I bought this dress in Mykonos two years ago and it was definitely worth it. It cost a little more than I would normally pay for a beach cover up but I knew it would get a lot of wear.  I usually save this one for boat parties or when I know the night party (e.g. Blue Marlin on a Sunday) is going to be my main event for the evening
4)  Floral printed play suit (EBay): This playsuit was great for browsing round Ibiza town and mooching around as it’s made from a cosy soft, breathable fabric. I seemed to have gone for a big floral theme here but if you can't do it in the summer on holiday when can you. 

I did venture out at night for a couple of dinners and nights out so will be posting about that too 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Holiday packing: Beauty essentials

Eve Lom Cleanser (50ml)| Bruzz nail brushDermalogica intensive moisture mask (sample size) | Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre| PH Advantage anti-aging cream| Nars Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser SPF 30| Proactiv solution daily oil control| Pure Potions Intensive Moisturising Ointment| Vaseline lip therapy (cocoa Butter)

When it comes to holiday packing, knowing what  beauty essentials to take can be an indecisive long process. There were times I wished I could take the kitchen sink with me, especially when you include things like perfume and bathing products. On top of that, the under 100ml makes it even more difficult to take everything you need so my secret is finding  multi- tasking products that do more than one job.  My beauty needs when I travel are all about exfoliating, hydrating, sun protection and ensuring my skin doesn't get clogged up or spotty. 

A bit of sun is fine but can also do more damage than good to your skin if the relevant products aren't used. For me sun protection is a must regardless of skin colour. There is an assumption that you don't need sun protection when you have darker skin and though fairer skin is more prone to sunburn, it doesn't mean dark skin won't get burnt. I swear by my NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser as it has 30 SPF protection while giving me a natural glow. I hate wearing makeup in the daytime on holiday, especially on the beach so the tinted moisturiser works as a great in between product. To exfoliate, I've been using the PH advantage anti-aging cream which has glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. This cream really does the trick but it's so important to wear it with  a SPF product to protect your skin. 

In terms of make-up remover, I still swear by my Eve Lom cleanser and the 30ml size means I can take it to travel. It's so easy to remove all the layers of make up, sand and dirt so is perfect for holiday. Embryolisse lait creme is an amazing multi-task product as I use it to prime my skin, moisturise and soothe any sunburn  or dry skin. It's the perfect travel companion because it has so many uses. 
The only trouble I get with summer skin is that it tends to get greasier in the heat.  Proactive's Daily Oil control is great product to prep your skin before applying make-up, as it keeps everything matte and stops grease building in prone areas which in my case is my forehead. Another beauty trick is taking sample face masks like the Dermalogica intensive moisture mask which is really useful for just before you get on the flight home to hydrate your skin after all the travelling.

Vaseline is a no brainer for my lips and eyebrows but I've also discovered Pure Potions intensive moisturising ointment which is good for extremely dry areas like my elbows and knees. 

My final new find is a quirky new nail brush called Bruzz which is perfect for getting all the sand out of your nails as well as make-up dirt. The way it's designed means you can clean the top, underside and tip of your nails in one action and the removable bristles make it easy to clean after use. I love it! What are you beauty holiday must-have's?

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blue and Green should always be seen

One of the things I love about Summer is having the chance to play around with bright colours. I don't know where the 'blue and green should never be seen' fashion rule came from but personally, I love the combination. Obviously both colours are bright and bold so I tend to wear them subtly like I did a few days ago with my signature  jeans and a blazer ensemble. The jeans are my trusted ones I bought from Pull and Bear last year which I matched with an old  (Like over 10 years old) H&M Summer top. My recently new purchase is this lovely emerald green blazer from Zara which I'm loving and wearing a lot of at the moment.The look was finished with my t-bar studded sandals and Mulberry Del Ray bag. Do you think blue and green together is a good combination? 

Monday, 22 June 2015

What to pack for a long weekend: Ibiza Essentials

What to pack for a long weekend away
1) Ray-ban sunglasses| 2) Accessorize trilby hat| 3) ACEVOG beach dress| 4) Boohoo Pom playsuit 5) Norma Kamali plunge swimsuit| 6) Opal denim shorts |  7) Havaianas flip flops|  8) Coast sequin top 9) Accessorize thong sandals 10) Butterfly beach scarf|

I'm very excited to be heading off to Ibiza in a a few days and I can't believe I haven't been for nearly 5 years! It's fair to say that I am (or was) an Ibiza veteran, going every year for well over a decade. Perhaps I won't be doing the every year thing now, but it is certainly a destination that feels like a home away from home. Now I'm only going for long weekends, I'm getting better at packing light to get away from checking in a bag as it's an extra cost and I also worry about suitcases going missing or being left behind which for me, would be a disaster! Knowing what to pack can be a pain so I thought I'd do a post on packing essentials to get through the weekend:

Sunglasses- Obviously the hero accessory. I always take one cheap pair and my ray-bans as I'm so scared I'll break/lose the bans if I over wear them
The sun hat- I normally go for a cowboy shaped or trilby style but the sun hat is great to protect your hair and face as well as add to your beach day style. I always have one by the beach or pool unless I use a scarf 
The beach cover up - For me, this is the absolute holiday must have. I have spent quite a bit of money on beach cover ups but they are worth the investment because I seem to spend more time in them than I do in evening wear.  I also find that a decent beach dress, kimono or jumpsuit make great day to night wear if you can't be bothered to change for the evening 
The playsuit - I'm a playsuit kind of girl, especially in the summer. They are easy to throw on and make an ideal holiday outfit as they are small and light to pack
The one piece swimsuit- I am yet to find one that fits me well but the one piece swimsuit has made a huge comeback the last few years.Some are designed to be more of a cutout one piece but those don't do anything for me. I'm looking for a good one piece that doesn't cut off my body and flatters my shape
Denim shorts- You can never go wrong with a good pair of denim shorts that fit nicely. They are great to dress up in the evening with heels and a cute top but also work for daytime
The havaianas- Nothing needs to be said here really. Uber comfortable flip flops that you can live in the entire holiday
The evening top (or two)- Even if you can't be bothered to get super glammed up, a couple of dressy tops work great for nights out. Ibiza style is very eclectic and people pretty much wear what they want so if you don't want to bring 100 dresses or find taking too many outfits a pain, denim shorts or jeans with a cute top can go a long way 
Dressy flat shoes- I'm still a heels kinda heel but dressy flats are a great alternative and comfortable.. especially for Ibiza!
The beach scarf/sarong/throw- Great beach essential or on the plane if it gets cold 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hotel Review: Lupaia heaven in Tuscany

I'm still reminiscing about the wonderful time I had in Tuscany a month or so ago and was lucky enough to stay in not one wonderful hotel but two. After spending the night at the exquisite Hotel Banfi, we headed to the hills of Val d'Orcia to find Hotelito Lupaia. While Banfi Hotel gave me castle and countryside, Lupaia gave me enchanted whimsical fairytale! Each room has a unique personality,  and theme while the outside grounds made you feel as if you were on the set of a Hansel and Gretel movie.

We stayed in the characterful cottage Bosco, a beautiful room depicted as an 18th century Tuscan farmhouse, overlooking the stunning Italian countrysides. Decorated with antique furniture, handpainted walls and a rustic decor, the room was simply breathtaking with its vibrant emerald green theme that made you feel like royalty. 

Breakfast the next morning after a lovely night's sleep was an event in itself. There was an open kitchen where we could see the chef preparing whatever the guests wanted, along with a huge buffet of freshly baked breads and pastries, homemade jams, cheeses and fresh fruit. I love the fact that most of the food they serve is sourced from a nearby farm and I instantly noticed the difference in taste and quality (especially the delicious organic eggs). 

The stunning infinity pool overlooking the Tuscan hills had to be hands down my favourite hotel feature. The breathtaking views,  peace and quiet, and gentle breeze has made it one of my top poolside experiences ever. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Hotel Lupaia and would recommend staying there whether you are a couple wanting a romantic getaway, family wanting to relax or small group celebrating a birthday or other special occasion. I would definitely visit again :-)  

Monday, 1 June 2015

It's all about Balenciaga

Every now and then, I like to treat myself on erm.. nice leather goods. In my defence, it’s never an impulse buy and I’m usually lusting over it for a while before I make the final purchase.  I have been a fan of Balenciaga ever since I lived in LA a few years ago. Yes.. I know Cristóbal Balenciaga is Spanish but there is something very Californian girl about their city range; the grainy worn leather, the metallic studs and the tasselled finishes. I’m usually more of a classic, structured handbag type of girl but LA influenced me with its understated, casual, rock chick style . I bought a black giant city bag (similar here) nearly 7 years ago, and it continues to be one of my most loved  bags and prized possessions.
I have been after a decent wallet for a while and though I considered the Saint Laurent Monogramme  and the Valentino rockstud Balenciaga was still always front of mind. Maybe it was the sentimental attachment I’ve got with my city, I feel we've had great times and been to many places, so I'm hoping the wallet will do the same (as well as bring some good luck to my finances).
I wasn’t expecting to buy it on this day, but I was randomly browsing in Selfridges Birmingham ( work trip) when I overheard the word ‘sale’.  And there it was.. the beautiful Giant Continental Zip around leather wallet in black and purple (sold out but similar here). 
No joke of a lie, the purchase was made in 15 minutes. I had been thinking about it for a while, it was a beautiful colour and the discount made it impossible for me to walk away!

I always go for this size but I wanted to try the zip around style as I always have trouble with coins falling into my bag. The calf leather is really soft and the fabric and leather lining gives it a lovely finish.  I also love the front slit pocket at the front which is great for train tickets or anything I need to grab quickly,  while the 12 card is basically sorting out my life!  A wallet is a wallet at the end of the day but I know this one is an investment that will last me a while, and I won’t have to worry about replacing it in a couple of years.  It’s already starting to gain sentimental value and I’m hoping it does bring me abundance. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ��